California (CA) Drawer Slides

Drawer Slides

California (CA) Drawer Slides brought to you buy Drawer Slides, Inc. has been serving industrial hardware customers since 1987 providing our California clients a broad line of dependable hardware including handles, latches, vents, slides and related items for the truck body, toolbox, vehicle, office furniture and fabricated enclosure industries. We pride on strong integrity and top quality products that provides a reliable hardware manufactured to serve you for years at competitive pricing.

Industries That Can Benefit by Using the Drawer Slides Products

  • Furniture
    Drawer Slides, Inc. specializes in manufacturing Drawer Slides products in California, CA for chest of drawers (also dresser or bureau), used to store clothing, standalone tool chest, used to store tools, kitchen cabinets, under a counter, drawers for storage and file cabinet. We use the highest quality materials and combine tradition and experience with the latest computer guided engineering methods to minimize wear and tear, and ensure the product longevity.

  • Generator access
    Drawer Slides, Inc. is an expert in providing Drawer Slides solutions for generator access in California, CA. Our 250lb, and 500lb heavy-duty drawer slides will provide years of worry-free and maintenance-free access to your generator generator access whether it's located in your facility, or portable version such as on fire trucks, ambulances, RVs', or other specialty vehicles.

  • Utility vehicle body
    It's a known fact that construction/utility truck, big rig, or emergency vehicle, drivers expect a high standard of cab comfort and flexibility, in a small space that used for work as well as the rest. Storage drawers, and pull-out work surfaces are just a sampling of the applications where Drawer Slides, Inc. heavy-duty slides maximize limited space. Drawer Slides, Inc. provides the most robust solutions for your vehicles in California, CA

  • Recreational vehicles
    Our easy gliding heavy-duty slides is made of high-quality materials to help you to have a great working Rv drawer. Drawer Slides, Inc. offers the best RV drawer slides and hardware available for California, CA. We carry an extensive amount of Rv parts and hardware for your RV drawer slides. At Drawer Slides, Inc. we understand that sometimes things break and you need parts fast, which is why you can now order them directly online from this website.

  • Emergency vehicles
    Drawer Slides, Inc. heavy-duty drawer slides are offered in California, CA in a wide range of sizes, loading capacities and designs to help you get what you need fast. Our full extension heavy duty drawer slides with precision ball bearings will help you stay worry-free while you're on the run. They feature a smooth running and lateral stability with a side or under carriage mount, with load capacities range at 250 and 500 pounds, and they are come in a clear chromate finish.

  • Fire trucks
    Drawer Slides, Inc. engineers are experts in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of new custom-built access equipment for fire fighting vehicles, and truck bodies in California, CA. Custom-built access equipment includes mobile rack-mount systems, fire truck pull-out trays, emergency vehicle battery trays, storage systems, and truck body storage equipment for the vehicle industry.

  • Maintenance trucks
    Drawer Slides, Inc. has the best storage drawers in California, CA to help you organize your service or utility truck. Having your tools when you need them saves you time. Simply pick the size that works best for the tools you carry. Have drawers on both sides of the truck? You pick which side gets which tools and where the tools should go. Our full extension heavy-duty drawer slides will ensure a lifetime of durability!

  • Ambulances
    Drawer Slides, Inc. is a leading supplier of heavy duty long drawer slides in California, CA. These are full extension with weight capacities at 250 and 500 lb. Equipment drawers or trays, battery trays, vertical pull-out tool storage boards, are secure, yet easily accessed, when mounted on robust Drawer Slides, Inc. slides that securely lock into place for safe transit.

  • Storage applications
    This layout includes custom drawer sizes and a slide out laptop work station. Custom storage options are available to match the customer’s specific needs. All the best materials construction with heavy duty slides locking will secure your tools and materials from any accidents. Drawer Slides, Inc. has been supplying it's California, CA customers with top quality products for over 25 years.